Breach of Real Estate Contracts

At The Williams North Law Firm, we do not only provide a wide range of commercial and residential real estate legal services. We combine our extensive knowledge of Florida real estate law with strong litigation skills to pursue our clients’ interests, in or out of the courtroom.

Whether you need help protecting your home from foreclosure, litigating a real estate dispute or addressing any other property law issue, we can help. Give us a call today.

Contract Issues & Cases

A contract does not necessarily have to be in writing to be binding. However, it is usually a good idea to see a lawyer before entering into a contract so that the parties’ agreement can be memorialized in writing. The contract may be a lease, real estate contract, consumer contract, purchase agreement or other business contract. If you are being sued for breach of contract, or if you want to sue someone for breach of contract, The Williams North Law Firm, P.A. can advise you as to the merits of your case. We prepare contracts, including commercial and residential leases. We litigate breach of contract cases.


The Williams North Law Firm, P.A. represents individuals whose wages or bank accounts are being garnished and who qualify for exemptions under Florida Law.

Wills, Living Wills and Power of Attorney

If you want to take any action to plan for the distribution of your property for after your death, we can assist in doing so. We can prepare your Last Will and Testament. For individuals who want to avoid probate, we can suggest options to do so. If you want to give someone a Power of Attorney to handle your property or financial matters now, you may do so through a Power of Attorney. We prepare Living Wills, Pre-Need Guardian Forms and Health Care Surrogates for individuals who request these documents.